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Fishing is one of the oldest human occupations. Imagine yourself artificially created water bodies, which are perfectly harmonize with the surrounding landscape at the foot of the mountain. Fast river flows nereby and any fishing becomes a pleasure. Unique trees and grass, the mild climate of the Ural's foothills - there is everything here for live communication with nature.

Morning or evening, summer or winter - fishing in eco-tourist center "Brekhovo meadow" at any time of the year will bring you a good catch. Seven autonomous ponds are full of fish - trout, carp and crucian carp, which breeds under the supervision of specialists. The water comes in the ponds from mountain rivers and underground springs, so the fish is being grown in an ecologically clean environment.

Fishing in Brekhovo meadow

Come to the eco-tourist center "Brekhovo meadow", you will derive pleasure from fascinating fishing at this place in the company of your friends, partners or with your family. You can cook fish directly on the fire or to entrust it to our Chef. Fishing, mountains, forest, juniper spirit - that's a real vacation, accessible and known since time immemorial.

In Suksun district, it's all created by nature itself, we have just added a little convenience for you to feel comfortable and enjoy fishing.Text here....
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