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Residence in Eco - tourist center "Brekhovo meadow"

How long haven't you been in wooden house of polished logs, where you can breathe easily and sleep sturdily? Eleven spacious houses from solid wood are built in the eco-tourist center "Brekhovo Meadow". One house is availiable for living from one to six people. All comfortable conditions are considered: kitchen, lavatory, living room and bedrooms. For those who are used to live in a hotel, we can offer a large campus with bathrooms and placement of one to four people.

There is a cosy cafe with excellent home cuisine. Fruit drinks, sauces, pickles and of course dumplings - all the dishes are prepared in "Brekhovo Meadow" according to traditional recipes from natural products. You can taste dishes from local game and beast, unique teas from forest and mountain herbs and honey. Real vacation cannot be without Russian bath. Hot steam room spirit, bunch of green birch twigs and swimming in icy pond after the heat are always connected with Russian bath.

Eco - tourist center "Brekhovo meadow" cooperates with the spa resort "Keys" which is situated nearby. Our guests have an exclusive opportunity to receive any kind of treatment and spa at the resort "Keys".

Comfortable accommodation is available for you in the eco-tourist center. We hope will become our regular guest. Small companies and numerous teams after visiting the center will come back to us more than once.