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Hunting in these places is especially exciting. Mixed forest, with a predominance of pine needles, and even juniper is uncommon here and because of these the air here is special, with its own flavor. Beast meets diverse. Elk, bear, wild boar, badger, otter, raccoon, fox, hare, grouse, black grouse, hazel -grouse, woodcock, quail, duck - all this on the 48,000 hectares of hunting grounds.

Hunting in Brekhovo meadow

Experienced hunter can appreciate these places according to its desserts. Follow the trail of the beast, looking forward to meet him, to enjoy the beauty of the forest and breathe the spirit of healing herbs and juniper - all these can be tried by an inexperienced hunter. We will be there for you according to your wishes in your quest to relax on hunting trails, prompt interesting routes, share the nuances of hunting.

Our experts will give you any advice on the preparation and conduct of hunting and answer your questions at any time. After hunting, you will have an opportunity to taste the specialties of the game and the beast, according to a "Brekhovo meadow's" Chef recipe.

You will memorize the most pleasant moments of a successful hunting, and you will feel an irresistible urge to get back to the eco-tourist center "Brekhovo meadow."Text here....